2009-2010 District Goals

Click here for the District Mission Statement and Beliefs.

District Goals 2009-10

  1. To increase academic achievement with high expectations and active engagement for all students and staff.
  2. To secure a fiscally responsible budget for the 2010-11 academic year that addresses the mission and beliefs of the district.
  3. To improve the social and emotional climate in the district.
  4. To strengthen the districtís relationship with the Northbridge community.
  5. To support the consistent review and implementation of school committee policy.

In addition to the District Goals, the workshop led to many positive outcomes. Relationships between the Leadership Team and School Committee Members were developed. The strengths and challenges of the District were realized.

The following are action items that will be clearly articulated in the Schools Improvement Plans, the District Professional Development Plan, the District Literacy Plan and the District Improvement Plan. The aforementioned action plans will include objectives/goals, responsible parties, budget implications and indicators of success.

Goal 1: Academic Achievement

  • To seamlessly integrate technology across all classrooms in order to effectively prepare students for the 21st Century.
  • To improve class size in the content areas and related arts.
  • To enhance professional development opportunities for all staff.
  • To improve the high school graduation rate.
  • To develop a formative and summative assessment system for all students in addition to the MCAS.
  • To vertically and horizontally align all curriculum areas. The first task force convened will be mathematics.

Goal II: Fiscally Responsible Budget

  • Site-based zero based budget development.
  • Communication/transparency to public.

Goal III: Social-Emotional Climate

  • Implement school/district student interventions based on staff and student input and work to develop responsive classrooms at all levels.
  • Implement professional learning communities to empower staff and improve the educational climate.
  • Goal IV: Community Relationships

  • Open High School field house for public use.
  • Increase outreach to senior citizens, through a senior luncheon.
  • Establish a Middle School PTA by fall of 09.
  • Effectively utilize Channel 13.
  • Communicate and celebrate successes through a variety of media.
  • Goal V: School Committee Policy

  • School Committee will consistently meet with MASC and key stakeholders to update policies.
  • Ensure alignment between School Committee Policy and student/staff handbooks.
  • Revised: October 1, 2009