Mission Statement and Beliefs

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northbridge Public Schools is to prepare our students to become responsible, contributing members of society by providing a challenging, rigorous educational program which will maximize academic achievement, enable intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development in an atmosphere which promotes creative and critical thinking.


In support of our mission, we are committed to the following beliefs:

  • Excellence in instruction and student achievement must be accomplished through ongoing opportunities for professional growth and development of staff.
  • All students should acquire, and use wisely, a basic core of knowledge in an environment that promotes higher level thinking skills across the curriculum.
  • All students should be encouraged to attain high standards of achievement and to reach his/her maximum individual potential.
  • Students should be able to communicate effectively through reading, writing, speaking, computing, the arts, and technology.
  • Students should develop a sense of self-discipline, self-respect, self-reliance and demonstrate social and civic responsibility.
  • Student learning is promoted through a safe and orderly environment, free of prejudice, violence, and harassment.
  • All students should understand, respect and appreciate the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our community and society.
  • Community involvement should be actively solicited, encouraged, and developed.