Special Education Parent Advisory Council

The Northbridge Special Education Parent Advisory Council began in 1993 as required by Federal Law. Our purpose is to:

  1. Provide parents with information regarding the availability of special education services, procedures to obtain the services and the rights and responsibilities of parents under state and federal laws.
  2. Promote cooperation and improve communication among parents, the special education community, the school and the community at large.
  3. Advise the School Committee on matters pertaining to education, health and safety of students with special needs.
  4. Give parents the opportunity to participate in educational programming in a more informed way by being a source of information and referral.
Parent Advisory Council meetings are open to the public. "The Northbridge Public Schools assure the all programs, activities, and employment opportunities are offered without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability."

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