Northbridge Public Schools Transportation Department

2009 - 2010

Posted routes are subject to change. Please check back frequently for updates.

Northbridge Public Schools Transportation Policy

Students will be entitled to transportation to and from school at the expense of the Public Schools when such transportation conforms to applicable provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws. Transportation will be provided to and from the students’ residential neighborhood or to and from the same daycare facility only (MGL Ch 71, Section 7A). Reimbursement to the school system for transportation costs is given by the Commonwealth only for (a) students living at least one and one half miles from school, (b) students who live more than one mile from the nearest bus stop, and (c) students with special needs for whom transportation must be provided. Town of Northbridge students/residents attending any private school K – 12 located in Northbridge will be provided transportation services said the Northbridge School Committee would determine services.

Additionally, the committee will provide transportation for students as follows: Kindergarten – Grade 4: Students must live more than ˝ mile from school.
Grades 5 – 8: Students living more than 1˝ miles from school.
Grades 9 – 12: Students living more than 2 miles from school.

Transportation Request Form

If your child is going to be taking the bus to and from a bus stop location other than your home residence or the bus stop location determined by your home residence, i.e. daycare or a relative's house, please fill out this form.

Please be reminded that the School Committee policy requires the same pickup and drop-off location five days a week.

Students will only be transported to and from an address different than their home residence or bus stop location determined by their home residence if this form is completed and returned.

Pre-School through Grade 4 Bus Stop Procedure

All students in grades pre-school through fourth grade should be greeted at their bus stop by a responsible person. If a responsible person does not greet your child at the bus stop, your child will not be dropped off at the bus stop and will be brought back to the school to await pickup.

If you have a hardship, please contact the school principal, you may send an email, fax, or letter giving the bus driver permission to drop your child at the bus stop without a responsible person present.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school principal.