Students are entitled to transportation to and from school at the expense of the public schools when such transportation conforms with applicable provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws. Transportation will be provided to and from the studentís residential neighborhood or to and from the same daycare facility only (MGL Ch71, Section 7A). Transportation is provided for Kindergarten Ė Gr. 4 students who live more than 1/2 mile from school.

Transportation by bus to and from school is a privilege for pupils who qualify by the Rules and Regulations of the Northbridge School Committee and the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The school bus is an extension of the school itself, and the rules regarding behavior are the same as in school. It shall be understood that the right of the pupil to use transportation to and from school is a qualified right dependent on good behavior. Bus rules advise students to:

  • Walk on the side facing traffic to and from the bus stop on roads and highways where there are no sidewalks.
  • Be on time at the pick-up point. We recommend that students be at the bus stop 5 minutes before pick-up time. Dogs must be restrained at home when buses are expected.
  • In crossing the highway after leaving the bus, cross only after the driver signals that it is safe to cross.
  • Pass in front of the bus, and look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Keep all items out of the aisle. Keep the bus neat, and do not mark, cut, or break any part of the bus.
  • Do not throw anything in the bus or out the windows. Do not put hands, arms, or other parts of your body out of the windows or rear exit door from the bus at any time.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • Be respectful to the bus driver. He/she has a very important job to do and needs your help. The driverís ears and eyes need to be focused on the road in order to drive to and from school. Do not shout or make other noises that might distract the bus driver. Do not talk to the bus driver while the bus is moving, but report any emergencies to him/her at once.
  • No student shall ride home on a bus to which he/she is not assigned. The school principal or assistant principal may deprive students from riding the bus for a length a time if the student violates these rules. In all cases the principal or the assistant principal must make a report to the parents and transportation supervisor.
  • For any alleged violation of the previously stated rules, the bus driver will notify the principal.


    • On the first offense the principal will notify the parents.
    • On the second offense the offender may be suspended from the bus for a maximum of three school days at the discretion of the principal or his/her designee based on the severity of the offense.
    • On the third offense the offender will be suspended from the bus for a minimum of 5 school days, or a maximum of a school year at the discretion of the principal or his/her designee.
    • Repeated offenses may result in suspension of bus privileges for a period of up to the remainder of the school year.
    • In case of serious offenses affecting the safety of the school bus and its occupants, the offender may lose his/her school bus privileges for a maximum of a school year (180 school days).

    No suspension takes effect until a letter is sent home and/or a parent conference is held. If a parent wishes an appeal, the principal will arrange a meeting with the parent, the bus contractor, and the bus driver to discuss the problem.