Assistive Technology Center

The following resources are located in the Assistive Technology Center at the Special Education Office and are available to use with students on a temporary basis. If you would like to borrow a particular item, or need help using it, please contact the Special Education Office at (508) 234-8120.

Resource Type Picture
IntelliKeys - An alternative keyboard that may be customized to meet the learning/access needs of the student.
Adaptive Device IntelliKeys
Key Labels - keyboard labels that make letters, numbers and function keys more visible; ZoomCaps™ have upper-case letters with white letters on black for high contrast or black letters on beige to match a beige keyboard. Adaptive device Key Labels
TouchWindow - an alternative input device by Edmark (A member of the Riverdeep Family)that minimizes the need for students to use a keyboard or mouse.
Adaptive device TouchWindow
Movin’ sit – an inflatable, dynamic cushion, which activates intrinsic trunk muscles to support the spine. The wedge shape encourages proper posture and alignment while sitting at a desk or table. It can also be used upright in any chair as a back support or on the floor. Adaptive device Movin' sit
Keyboard Adjustment Stand – clear plastic adjustable tilt stand. Adaptive devices N/A
SAM Adapted Trackball - (switch adapted mouse) to allow a person with hand control, but not finger control, to move the mouse and click it with another part of their body. Adaptive devices SAM Adapted Trackball
Switch Interface Pro - the plug and go interface for single switch software – connect up to five switches to run switch enabled software from a variety of publishers. Adaptive devices Switch Interface Pro
Overlay Maker – a software program that allows you to make overlays for the Intellikeys keyboard. Specialty software Overlay Maker
Co:Writer 4000 – word prediction software that can be used to minimize keystrokes and reduce fatigue. Specialty software Co:Writer 4000
Boardmaker - a graphics database containing over 3,000 Picture Communication Symbols (from PCS Books I, II, & III) in bitmapped clip art form. The program allows you to make a professional looking communication display in minutes. Specialty software Boardmaker
IntelliTalk II - a word processing/activity creation program that supports alternative access to learning activities.
Specialty software IntelliTalk II
IntelliMathics – a software program that supports access to math activities.
Specialty software IntelliMathics
IntelliPics Studio - designed for both teachers and students to create their own multimedia slide shows, presentations, games, and thousands of other sensational projects.
Specialty software IntelliPics Studio
The Gate CD ROM - interactive multimedia CD-ROM explores the world of assistive technology as employed successfully by individuals with disabilities who use it in their daily lives; a valuable tool for awareness training of preservice and in-service individuals involved in special education allied health sciences and related fields. Specialty software The Gate CD ROM
Write Out Loud 3 – word processor has a spell checking, a picture library, and a text to speech capability.
Specialty software Write Out Loud 3
Stages Demo CD - provides samples of interactive computer activities for each stage.
DEMO – specialty software Stages Demo CD
Speaking Dynamically Pro - a powerful speech output communication program. It allows you to use your Windows computer as a communication device. The customized dynamic screens allow for outstanding versatility and efficiency. Communication resource/specialty software Speaking Dynamically Pro
eReader – adds spoken voice, visual highlighting, document navigation, or page navigation to any electronic text. The software can take content from any source--the Internet, word processing files, scanned-in text, or typed-in text--and combine it with the most powerful features of talking and reading software.
Communication device/specialty software eReader
Communication Builder - equipped with 5 easy-to-change frames, to refine communication choices as the child develops new skills. Record your own messages with the simple push of a button. Easy to carry with a built in handle. Total recording time is 75 seconds. Frame size is 8 1/2" by 7". Frames included are 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 position. Requires 4 AA batteries. Communication resource Communication Builder
Step by Step Communicator - ideal for turn-taking, giving a series of instructions or expressing thoughts in a way more like natural speech; records any sequence of messages up to 75 seconds. Communication resource Step by Step Communicator
LoTTIE Kit (Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education) - a collection of low and mid tech tools designed for teachers, classrooms aides, and support professionals to use with students who have special needs. Curriculum modification resource LoTTIE Kit (Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education)
AlphaSmart – a simple, portable computer companion, compatible with most printers. It enables users to type, edit and electronically store text (for example, reports, essays, email messages or notes), and to practice keyboarding, without having to be at a computer. The text can then be transferred to any computer for formatting, or sent directly to a printer.
Curriculum modification resource – Similar to DreamWriters of which we have many AlphaSmart
Flip’nTalk - a sturdy spiral-bound set of 15 vinyl strips with picture tabs. Vocabulary may be placed on both sides of the strips giving the user access of up to 30 categories of symbol strips. Flip 'n Talk may be attached with Velcro to the Communication Board (see right) or to the top of a speech device, such as the Alpha Talker, Macaw, Hawk, SuperHawk, DigiVox, and Voice-in-a-Box. It does not fit well on the Tech/Talk and Tech/Speak but does fit the Partner/Four. Colored sticker labels for the category tabs are supplied with Flip 'n Talk. Curriculum modification resource Flip'nTalk

All resources are located in the Assistive Technology Center at the Balmer Elementary School and are available to use with PreK-12 students on a temporary or trial basis. If you would like to sign out a particular item or need help using it, please see a member of the Assistive Technology Team: Anna Bourget, Sandra Hastings, Lorrie Langille, Cheryl Nathan, Cathy Robinson, Kate Tower-Ludwig, Steve Tringali, or Karen Worthington.