W. Edward Balmer School

W. Edward Balmer School is an elementary school for approximately 600 students in Kindergarten through 4 located in Northbridge, MA.

The goal of the school is to create life-long learners.

The faculty emphasizes a curriculum of the core values:

  • Focusing on children's social, emotional, and academic needs.
  • Continuing our commitment to open communication between home, school and community.
  • Guaranteeing a safe school environment.
  • Having children learn through active participation.
  • Committing to a progressive curriculum.
  • Continuing to develop positive self-esteem.
  • Challenging our learners to reach their potential.

School culture at Balmer School is very important and is something we constantly work on. To address one part of our culture, our school works on one character trait per week, such as Honesty, Kindness, Politeness, and Courtesy. Numerous activities are provided to develop these school-wide themes: Principal's Walk, Random Acts of Kindness, Community Meetings and Student of the Month.

The students and staff are working to develop well-rounded scholars and will continue to strive for excellence with High Expectations and High Standards. The Parent-Teacher Association provides many materials, programs and services to Balmer School. They are a valuable contributor to the success of Balmer School.