W. E. Balmer School


The W. E. Balmer School offers a school-based answer to after school care and enriching activities. In addition to participating in an afternoon of enriching activities, students have a quiet time to study, read and relax after a busy day at school. The Balmer After School Enrichment Program is committed to providing a dynamic, stimulating and safe environment that respects the rights and needs of each child. The program begins immediately after school and close at 5:30 PM. Students have the option of choosing from a variety of activities such as: story time, art and drafts, puzzles, blocks, games, music and movement, organized gym activities, and outdoor playtime (weather permitting).

This program is owned and operated by the Northbridge Public Schools.

For more information or questions, please call (508) 234-8161 or email Don Incutto, Assistant Principal:

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