Head Lice Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Here at Balmer School we strongly believe in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for all children to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Occasionally, we experience situations where head lice is contracted in the school. We realize that this can be disruptive for children not only at school but also at home. The Balmer School and the Northbridge School District take the treatment seriously and therefore have established an effective, appropriate and comprehensive plan to treat such a condition.

The following is the Northbridge Public Schoolís policy on the treating of head lice:

Northbridge Public Schools

Head Lice Policy

I. Students found to have head lice will be excluded from school. A parent or guardian will be called to pick the student up.

II. The parent or guardian will be given written and verbal instructions regarding the appropriate treatment of head lice and the proper care of the environment and personal items.

III. When available, the nurse will provide the parent with a nit comb and a non-prescription shampoo.

IV. A parent or guardian must accompany the student to school the next day to be examined by the school nurse. Should any lice or nits be found, parents will be required to take the child home and recomb the hair until all nits are removed.

V. The student shall not return to school or take the school bus until the school nurse clears them.

VI. In grades K through 4, the classroom will be checked and letters will be sent home with children in the same class as the student with head lice.

VII. In grades 5 through 12, the nurse will check the appropriate student contacts.

VIII. As always, the studentís privacy will be safeguarded.

Approved by School Physician ______________________________ Date ___________

Approved by School Nurse _________________________________ Date ___________

Date Approved by the School Committee _____________________________________

Authorizing Signature _____________________________________________________


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