Principal's Walk and Random Acts of Kindness

Principal's Walk

Fridays are exciting days for us here at Balmer School. Not just because it's the last workday of the week but because it's the day students are recognized for the special things they do during the week.

Students who participate in the Principal's Walk are chosen by their teacher and/or by their classmates for exhibiting characteristics of the Value of the Week (such as Respect, Teamwork, Determination, Friendship…). During the Principal's Walk, students share with the group what they did during the week that was an example of the Value. In addition, students are given an opportunity to choose a Value for a future week. This is all done while walking with Mr. Zywien around the school grounds.

Random Acts of Kindness

Students are also recognized for the good deeds by receiving a Random Act of Kindness. When a child is observed doing something nice for someone else, they receive a slip of paper stating the good deed. Those slips of paper are placed in a jar in the office. Mr. Incutto chooses 10 students from the jar and those students are rewarded by choosing a book from our Book Wall.

We believe in recognizing and respecting individual differences so that all students feel comfortable, safe, important, accepted and successful in all aspects of life. Therefore, we feel it's important to reward children for exhibiting appropriate behavior.

Student Recognition 2009-2010






Hayley A, Elizabeth H, David C, Ciarra B, Alana J, Andrew C, Ryan C, Megan C, Jillian K, James C, Franc F, Julia D, Caleb V, Aubrey S