Writer's Workshop

Principal's Walk

The W. Edward Balmer School has started a Writers’ Workshop for students who love writing stories or just enjoy illustrating. The Workshop will provide students with an opportunity to work in a small group to write and illustrate their own book. Once books are complete, we will have a contest and the winning book will be published.

What is the Writers' Workshop? It is a program that helps students learn the process of writing and takes them through each stage. The stages of Writers' Workshop are planning, drafting, sharing/conferencing, revising, editing and publishing. At the beginning of each Writer’s Workshop, students will receive a mini-lesson from the “Six Traits of Writing”. The Six Traits are: Ideas (how to find and generate ideas for writing), Organization (the structure), Voice (the way the writer brings the topic to life), Word Choice (using specific vocabulary to convey meaning), Sentence Fluency (the mechanical correctness), and Presentation (the overall appearance of the work). Mentor texts and authors will be used by the teachers during mini-lessons to help provide concrete examples of the specific skills and traits. Teachers will help guide students through the stages of the Writers' Workshop and conference with them on their work.

Who: Writers’ Workshop is open to ALL Balmer Students and will be taught by Mrs. Lanzillo and Mrs. Clement, Grade 3 Teachers.
When: 2:40-4:00PM, each Wednesday starting on Wednesday March 17th and ending on Wednesday May 12th.