Greeting to Parents

We welcome you and your child to the Northbridge Elementary School. Here is the beginning of your child's exciting and rich learning experience that will be the basis for their future success. We believe that you, the parent or guardian, are our partners guiding your child on this exhilarating journey. This website details our vision as well as our day-to-day procedures. Consider it a user's guide to our schools. We hope that it serves to make you feel at ease and welcomed in our schools.

Northbridge Elementary's Student Vision

We Want to be the Best.

We Will be the Best Because:

We Love to Learn

  • We're not afraid to work hard.
  • We're different; we learn differently.
  • Learning makes us able to do great things.

We Feel Safe

  • People care about us.
  • We know how to keep safe.

We are Super Kids

  • We are lovable.
  • We are capable.

We Learn Respect

  • We respect ourselves.
  • We respect others; we treat them fairly.
  • We respect our world.

We are a Team

  • Our families and school work together to help us.
  • We do our part for our families and school.
  • We are part of a great team, America.
  • Team members share with each other.

We are the Best

  • We are responsible to our family to do our best.
  • We are responsible to ourselves to do our best.
  • If it is to be, it is up to me.

We are Good Thinkers

  • We know how to solve problems.
  • We know how to do our own thinking.
  • We know how to explain our ideas.

Happiness is ours at Northbridge Elementary

  • We are happy to do well.
  • We are happy to have friends.
  • We love our schools.