Character Counts! and Recognitions

HEARTS Program

Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s) of Kindergarten and First Grade Children:

As we embark upon an embrace a new school year, we are excited about working with your child to help him/her reach their academic potential and continue to develop good moral character. Reaching that academic potential is fostered by a positive learning environment. Northbridge Elementary School has developed the “HEARTS” program to enhance the learning environment within our classrooms. The values of Honesty, Effort, Achievement, Respect and Responsibility, Teamwork, Self-control and Safety will be integrated into the curriculum during the 2009-2010 academic year. In cooperation and support from you at home, our goal is to help children develop good character, affirm human dignity and promote the common good.

To reach this goal, we will have the following monthly focus on the “HEARTS' character traits during the school year:

  • September—Honesty
  • October—Effort
  • November—Achievement
  • January—Respect
  • February—Responsibility
  • March—Teamwork
  • April—Self-control
  • May—Safety

The “HEARTS” program will be in support of our school “I-CARE” rules which are as follows:

  • We listen to each other.
  • Hands are for helping, not hurting.
  • We use I-CARE language.
  • We care about each other's feelings.
  • We are responsible for what we say and do.

We look forward to a positive, productive school year as well as sharing information with you as our “HEARTS” program unfolds.


Jill Healy, Principal and the Northbridge Elementary School Staff


Heart Value



Tyler K, Krista-Lyn H, Abigail M, Caitlyn M, Chasey P, Alexander D, Lindzy W, Colleen J, Caden P, Collin F, Grace A, Brennan M, Jack L, Alison A, Rose H, Kyle W, Vincent D, Jordan K, Olivia L, Faith S, Kaitlyn M, Abigail F, Emma P


Alexandra G, Nicole S, Jacob R, Thomas R, Natalie V, Patrick R, Joe H, Laura L, Allison R, Lily A, Matthew K, Jacob R, Jonathan C, Aaron S, John H, Sebastian B, Samuel D, Haley C, Connor B, Colin T, Marissa B, Trinity G, John G


Asa F, Jordan R, Anna C, Liam A, Trevor L, Madison M, Thomas C, Ally B, Melanie W, Liam S, Connor T, Virginia G, Donna R, Peter L, Kylie C, Aydan M, Cameron P, Danny T, Vivian G, Christopher H, Travis M, Arthur L, Andrew M, and Ben C.


Sophia S, Colby R, Kailyn W, Michael S, Derek A, Anna C, Jordan K, Emily B, Luke L, Avery S, Hannah L, Tyler S, Landon C, Ehtan C, Catherine S, Tucker L, Celia W, Carmen G, Chris R, Emily P, Kaden V, Jacob K, Joseph M


Claire G, Cameron B, Mark V, Brendan O, Micaela G, Gabrielle M, Olivia L, Mackenzie R, Alexander Q, Grace L, Nicole S, Meghan G, Emery A, Jill L, Emily M, Jennifer C, Morgan M, Cody E, Emma L, Patrick G, Amber E, Isabelle C, Sebastian C, Mikayla G, Carmen G, Katharine T, and Connor G


Noah H, James B, Jonathan A, Mackenzie F, Darlene J, John C, Joseph F, Devin G, Larissa D, Luke M, Trevor D, Cody C, Sara L, Alexandra C, Tyler L, Benjamin B, Lauren R, Kylie C, Daniel T, Haley C, Liam A, Trinity G, Erin V, and Jackson P






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