School Policies

School Hours

  • Northbridge Elementary School: 8:30 AM - 2:45 PM


  • Students should not be dropped off at school before 8:20 AM.
  • Please have your children cross the street where the crossing guard is stationed to insure their safety.
  • Please be sure the students use the crosswalks and sidewalks.
  • Parents must wait for the busses to exit the semi-circle before pulling in to drop off students.
  • Do not pass cars in the semi-circle that are dropping students off, this creates a dangerous situation for students as well as a hazardous driving environment.
  • The semi-circle becomes a high traffic area; please drop students off without delay to keep traffic flowing smoothly.
  • Please do not drop students off in the faculty parking lot adjacent to the building, as there are no available spaces for parent parking that will allow the parents to bring the students safely into the building.
  • It is the parentís responsibility to be sure the child enters the school building safely after being dropped off.


A student arriving 10 minutes after the start of school is considered tardy and should report to the school office.


Early dismissal requests require prior written notification from a parent. We ask you to limit dismissing your child at the end of the day to specific appointment dates. We value the instructional time we have with your child.

Attendance Policy

The Northbridge Elementary School is committed to working cooperatively with parents, family physicians and, if necessary, the local juvenile court to ensure that laws governing attendance are enforced. Any parent regularly experiencing difficulty sending their child to school is invited to contact the principal or school nurse to develop strategies to resolve the problem.

By law, parents must notify the school when their child is going to be absent or tardy. A school official will contact parents who do not notify the school of these occurrences within thirty minutes of the start of the school day by telephone. Parents are required to furnish the school with home, work and emergency telephone numbers where they can be contacted during the school day.

Vacations and extended absences while school is in session usually have a negative impact on student performance and are discouraged.


Parents and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to visit our schools. Please remember to report to the school office and sign in upon entering the building and pick up a visitor's pass.

Medication Policy

Whenever possible, it is expected that all students on medication will take their required dosage at home before and/or after school hours consistent with their doctor's instructions. In a case where it is necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, the following procedure will be in effect:

  • No school employee, other than the school nurse, shall administer any medication to a student.
  • All medications dispensed by the school nurse shall be kept in the pharmacy labeled container (extra containers are available from most pharmacies at no charge).
  • At the elementary level all medications shall be brought to school by an adult.
  • All medications administered in school shall have an order in writing by a physician using a Physician Form and a Parent Request form. These forms may be obtained from the school nurse.

Health Policies

  • No student may enter school unless immunizations, according to Massachusetts State Law, are up to date. To ensure continued attendance in school, immunizations must be kept up to date.
  • A lead test is required for school entry.
  • A Physician-signed physical exam is required for all children entering school for the first time.
  • Vision and hearing screenings are done periodically by the schools.
  • Emergency cards, sent home at the beginning of each school year, should be filled out completely and returned immediately. Phone numbers and addresses should be kept up to date. Be sure to list 2 people in town who have agreed to be contacted if you are unavailable.

Please keep your child's teacher and the nurse informed of any medical problems.